Monday, March 17, 2008

Steve Irwin's Legacy At Risk!

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s famed Australia Zoo may be up for sale. The Sydney Daily Telegraph is reporting that this is the main reason behind the falling out between Steve’s father Bob and his widow Terry.

Bob Irwin stepped down from the Australia Zoo amid rumors that Terry Irwin is planning to sell the property to the Animal Planet network and turn the place into a $100 million Disney-style theme park.

Bob released a statement saying that he stepped down from the zoo quit the zoo in order to “keep his son's dream alive.”

A representaive for the Australia Zoo denied claims that Terri was planning to sell the property. Reports claim that American bornTerri wants to sell it and return to the U.S. with her two children.

Terry as also been having her share of legal troubles, including being pursued by debt collection agency Alyssa Treasury Services. Alyssa Treasury is suing Australia Zoo for $2.5 million and Terri Irwin for $60,000 for allegedly failing to pay bills of exchange.

I think that the move may be a good thing for Irwin family. They could do a lot of good with $100 mil and if they move to the U.S. it will be a lot easier for Terry to pimp out little Bindi to do shows for Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel

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