Friday, February 29, 2008

Janet Jackson land on yet another cover in March, this one is for HX magazine.
Here’s a bit of the interview:
HX: I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but there's an Internet war between Janet and Madonna fans. I know you and Madonna had some beef in the '90s, but do you think the heat between Madonna and Janet fans has any validity?Janet: No—I didn't know this was going on. [Laughs]
HX: They argue, make videos and, of course, it's mostly the gay fans. So people are curious: What are your thoughts on Madonna now?
Janet: I think she's done wonderful things. She's done great things in her career, in her life, and more power to her. I think fans will always be that way—always. They're just incredibly loyal and they love you so much that if anyone says anything remotely negative, they're there to just immediately jump on them. It'll always be that way—very loyal.

HX: If a "Janet" drag queen had to battle a "Madonna" drag queen, what advice would you give the "Janet" queen?
Janet: Kick the bitch's ass!

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