Friday, February 29, 2008

Prince Harry Removed From Battle

It’s been revealed that Prince Harry had been fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan since December 2007 but has been moved to another location after his presence in the country was leaked. The third in line to the throne, Harry was originally scheduled to go to Iraq but was pulled out due to fears of him being target for insurgents.

Defense Secretary Des Browne said the following message in a statement, "I am delighted that Prince Harry has had the opportunity to serve on operations in Afghanistan with his Battlegroup. In common with all the other British soldiers in Afghanistan he has done so with courage and distinction. We can be proud of him and all his fellow soldiers - we owe them all a great deal. The British media have shown great restraint in not reporting his deployment and I would like to thank them for doing so. It is however a great pity that the news has now been broken by media overseas."

Are there no longer any boundaries in journalism? It’s saddening that someone was more concerned with making a political statement by releasing the Prince’s whereabouts than truly being concerned for his well-being. No soldier’s safety is worth the price of a story.

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