Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ryan Seacrest Gets One More Job

Ryan Seacrest can add one more job to his repertoire.

The word in tinsel town is that Ryan Seacrest is in negotiations to take over Larry King Live when the suspendered one retires.

This isn’t a big shock. Seacrest has been serving as King’s fill-in for quite some time now. Larry told The New York Times in April 2007 that Seacrest would be his first choice to take over the show when the time came.

“He’s the classic generalist,” said King. “The only thing I don’t know, and I’ve gotten to know him pretty well, is how versed he is in politics, world affairs. Does he read the paper? Is he interested in Iraq? Because if he is, he’s going to be very good.”

With all the time Ryan spends working, he’ll never get laid.

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