Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Paulina Porizkova Takes A Dig At Models

Paulina Porizkova takes a dig at the modeling industry includung the show America’s Next Top Model — despite being its newest celebrity judge! She even says the CW reality show’s winning mannequin is “not necessarily going to be a supermodel,” in the new issue of TV Guide (out Thursday).

“The fashion business takes pride in creating their own: 'You don’t tell me who’s the next top thing. I’ll tell you.” Paulina, 42, a super model of the the '80s and '90's, also doesn't have much faith in the future of the biz — which she characterizes as “vicious.”

“Models are not superstars anymore. With cheap computer retouching, anybody can be a cover girl. You can be 50 and have acne, but look gorgeous by the time they’re done with you. Models are back to what they were in the ‘70s: clothes hangers.”

As for aspiring runway divas, Paulina states, "[They want to be models] for the same reason I did — they’re looking for love. They think, ‘I’m on TV; people will realize that I’m worth something,’ ” Paulina says. "But once the TV’s over and they join the real world, it’ll be a whole different thing.”

It's about time someone in the fashion/modeling industry spoe the's not all it's made out to be.

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