Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Marc Jacobs Spreads The Love

Drama ensued when designer Marc Jacobs, showed off his new bitch, Austin A. around LA recently. Spies have reported that Marc hit up Foxtail Lounge with Austin but starting getting frisky with another guy.

"Marc showed up at Foxtail with Austin and another guy who looked just like his ex, Jason Preston, with tattoos and a cut-off shirt," says a source. "Marc was dressed in a tank top and black sweat pants. He looked like a mess. He was kissing both of the guys, bouncing back and forth between them and acting loony."

The crazy didn’t end there. Marc and Austin also had a big fight in front of a bunch of guests, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Saturday. Marc reportedly ended up leaving Austin stranded so that he could meet up with "Lindsay Lohan at Teddy's". The couple ended up battling it out in a text war until Marc came back and picked him up.

Whew! All this drama for a couple that have been together less than two months! I think I liked Mark Jacobs better when he was a scrawny nerd that wasn’t gett’n any.

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