Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kate's Tipsy Engagement

Supermodel and former rehabber, Kate Moss, announced her plans to wed current boyfriend, Jamie Hince, (a guitarist for the group The Kills), during a recent trip to Amsterdam.

According to a witness, "She came out giggling and seemed a little bit tipsy. Lots of fans were taking her picture on their mobile phones. She told them, 'I'm getting married.' One girl asked her when, and she said, 'Soon'."

Kate and Jamie have been an item for almost a year, but I can’t help wondering if the sudden engagement has anything to do with her frienemy, Sienna Miller’s, recent engagement. These two tramps are always trying to out do each other, but you better believe that Kate will never let Sienna’s ass walk down the aisle before she does!

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