Saturday, March 29, 2008

Justin Chambers Needs Some Help

Eyewitnesses tell Star magazine that the Grey's Anatomy star, Justin Chambers, displayed bizarre behavior recently at a bar in Palm Springs, CA. The married father of five was reportedly incoherent, annoying and even came on to a member of the waitstaff.

"He was acting as if he was on drugs, like some kind of downers. His eyes were glazed over. He slurred his words and staggered when he tried to walk," the mag reports. "At one point, he was hunched over a table, then abruptly woke up and shouted out of the blue, 'I am a father of five kids! I am a damn good father! Leave me alone!' It was really unsettling."

Justin is a drugged out loser!

He also slapped money out of a waitress’s hand when she refused his advances. "As she picked it up off the floor, he said, 'That's right, bitch, that's where you belong. Pick up the money!'"

Justin’s wife, Keisha, needs to take her kids and leave his crazy ass! I’m sure they don’t have a prenup. She can sit back and collect while Justin’s locked away in a padded room.

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