Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Heather Doesn't Have Issues...Her Shrink Does!

The police were called to the home of Heather Locklear to investigate an attempted suicide, however after finding no trouble at the star’ home the officer left after 10minutes. Because the call didn’t originate from Locklear’s home, it was thought to be a prank. Now Heather’s psychiatrist is coming forward as the one that phoned police Saturday night stating that she feared for Heather's safety.

After speaking with Locklear on the phone, the psychiatrist called 911 because she suspected Heather was upset and believed she might have overdosed on anti-depression medication. The call was listed as a suicide attempt, and paramedics were dispatched.

I think this is bull! If the shrink really wanted to help her why didn’t she fully identify herself and tell the dispatcher the real reason that she felt Heather needed assistance? Why not check o Heather herself or call a friend or family member and why wait so long to come forward as the one who made the call? Why, Why, Why!

I’ll never know or understand why people in Hollywood do the things that they do. What I do know is that this surely caused much embarrassment for the mother of two and because of that her shrink is probably out of a job.

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