Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day Out For Liz Taylor

Veteran actress, Elizabeth Taylor, was snapped having a lovely sunny day out at the Abbey in West Hollywood.

Taylor is rarely seen out since being sidelined with by multiple ailments. The 75-year-old actress and long-time AIDS activist suffers from osteoporosis and has battled a long list of health problems, including a benign brain tumor, congestive heart failure which at one time caused her to rely on a combination of steroids and pain killers which she has since stopped taking.

Taylor’s friends blame for her often slurred speech and the occasional wacky outburst on her insistence of going without her meds.

Miz Taylor still has it! This legend will always draw a crowd. Liz’s day out was a treat for her and her fans…but especially for the paps that got the money shot.

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