Saturday, March 29, 2008

Christina Wakes The Neighbors

Christina Aguilera Livens Up Her Neighborhood  1

Christina Aguilera and her husband, record executive Jordan Bratman, have angered their neighbors by having noisy midnight sex in their pool. Their neighbors aren’t pleased with the mini porno party that keeps them awake at night.

A source said, "They don't just splash around - they laugh, scream, swear and make sexy noises. We're happy that they're happy, but we wish they'd keep it down a bit. There are a lot of old people who live around here, and they don't like noise after the dinner hour.”Christina recently told Ellen, that she and Jordan had to work at keeping their sex life spicy since the birth of their son Max in January.

I don’t blame Christina for wanting to keep the flames of romance raging, but think she might be more effective (and get along better with her neighbors) if she kept her screams of desire inside the house.

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