Friday, February 15, 2008

Vanessa Mannillo Does Vegas

Former MTV host Vanessa Minnillo graces the cover of the March issue of Vegas magazine. In the issue she talks about her career, being a former Miss Teen USA, her very public relationship with Nick Lachey and being in a position to pick and choose her roles.

What roles! She hasn’t really done anything other than bit parts since she was fired from Entertainment Tonight. Minnillo’s main role has been as hanger-on to ex Mr. Jessica Simpson.

She says to the mag, “We’ve had some offers that we turned down because it wasn’t me. For one of them, I had to be this bikini terrorist and in another I was some crazy girl at Mardi Gras doing anything for beads!”

These sounds like prime Vanessa Minnillo roles to me; did she expect to get anything better! Girlfriend shouldn’t keep turning down work...she needs the cash.

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