Monday, February 4, 2008

Britney Spears Is Committed...Finally!

Britney Spears was checked into UCLA Medical Center on January 31st at 1:30AM and is currently going through a detox process at the hospital. She was committed for observation by her new psychiatrist because she hadn’t slept in several days and was thought to be a danger to herself.

Since then, Britney has been formally diagnosed with a severe bi-polar disorder and is expected to remain hospitalized for at least 2 weeks in order to receive the proper treatment. This has been a long time coming.

Brit’s dad, Jamie, has been named temporary co-conservator of her estate along with attorney Andrew Wallet and is allowed to carry out financial and medical decisions for Spears as well as hire security, change the locks of her homes and to evict any person (s) that may be residing there other than Britney.

Britney’s divorce lawyers for Trope and Trope want a different conservator named due to their differences with Papa Spears and Brit’s ill feelings toward him and plan on fighting it out in court. Trope and Trope fail to mention that Brit’s dad doesn’t trust them due to there friendly relationship with “creepy” Sam Lutfi.

A restraining order was filed against “manager” Sam Lutfi which ordered him not to have contact with Britney; of course he’s not happy about it and has been attacking Jamie and Lynne Spears in the media.

Whew! I feel like I need to be in a padded room after absorbing all the drama! All jokes aside; Celebrities Crack wants the best for Britney…get well girl.

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