Friday, November 23, 2007

What We’re Thankful For

We have so many things to be thankful for this year; one being that our blog is finally up and running. Since it’s celebrity news that drives this blog, it only seems appropriate to send a shout out of thankfulness to some of our favs.

We’re thankful for Whitney Houston finally kicking that washed up loser of a husband Bobby Brown to the curb and getting her life together. We’re thankful for Lindsay Lohan managing to stay clean and sober and out of the clubs…at least for now. We’re thankful for Chris Crocker for showing that someone one YouTube can actually posess real talent. We’re thankful for Dita Von Teese for always being a class act. We’re thankful for Kiefer Sutherland taking responsibility for his DUI (and hopefully other issues) and because he’s HOT!!! We’re thankful for The Spice Girls making a comeback. We’re thankful for Britney Spears for keeping us entertained and because she’s alive. We’re thankful for Kanye West staying stronger…And of course, we’re thankful to our readers.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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