Saturday, November 10, 2007

Strike! Hollywood Writers Walk Out

Well, I’m sure you all know about the big writer’s strike that’s hit Hollywood; now in its fourth day.

The Writers Guild of America (consisting of TV and film writers), are striking in protest of their ongoing dispute with the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television. The writers believe that they are being duped out of royalties from DVD sales and shows viewed via the internet. They also want a share of all new media profits.

For the past four days, strikers have carried picket signs outside of Time Warner Center in hopes that their demands are met. They have been joined by actors and actresses who are supportive of their cause and production on most scripted TV shows has been halted.

The average person fails to realize that writers are the backbone of the entertainment industry, yet they make the least amount of money. The writer is often underpaid, struggling to make ends meet or eking out an average middleclass existence.

Good script writing is what continually draws us to the TV set to watch another episode of 24 or Ugly Betty. Who makes up those snappy monologs on The Tonight Show and David Letterman...we can thank the writers.

Tim Kazurinsky riffs on Writers Strike on WGN

Let’s support our writers by signing their petition.

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